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cactus garden for landscaping

Xeriscaping is the process of designing a landscape to require little or no water supply. The climate conditions in Tempe, Arizona make xeriscaping the most suitable landscaping option for property owners in the city. Xeriscaping as a method of landscaping, was developed and embraced in Southwest America due to the need for the conservation of water. A popular misconception about xeriscaping is that it produces dry and unpleasant gardens. This is far from the truth. The main idea of xeriscaping has always been to create aesthetically pleasing landscapes with the use of drought-resistant plants. There are beautiful species of drought-resistant plants all over Tempe, Arizona.

Conservation of Water

The city of Tempe, Arizona is a desert and for this reason, a lot of emphases are placed on the conservation of water. People are always advised to take shorter showers, never leave taps running, and also to embrace water-saving landscape designs. There are water regulations to control water usage. With xeriscaping, you will be making use of much less water than in other forms of gardening. Plants used in xeriscaping require a minimal amount of water to survive. When you make the switch to xeriscaping you will be cutting down on your water usage by at least 70%.

Low Maintenance

Xeriscaping requires very little maintenance and this will save you a lot of time, money, and energy. The features of xeriscaping require occasional maintenance as they only include decreased lawns, decorative rocks, and native plants. The temperatures in Tempe have never been suitable for lawn maintenance in the first place. You will also get to save money that would otherwise have been spent on the purchase and maintenance of lawn mowing equipment. The maintenance of xeriscaping requires minimal experience and skill so you will rarely need the services of experts.

Preservation of Native Plants

In landscaping, native plants are often sacrificed for more exotic imports but when it comes to arid areas like Tempe, native plants are embraced. In xeriscaping, it is always important to select plants that can thrive under harsh conditions and with minimal water. Experts always advocate the use of native plants in xeriscaping. This is because natives plants have adapted and thrived in the native soil for a long time. Foreign plants, on the other hand, are unfit for the native conditions and will die eventually. Xeriscapes will not only preserve your native plants, but you will also become more familiar with them.

Environmental Health

Xeriscaping does not only beautify your environment, but it is also an environmentally friendly method of landscaping. Since native plants are already adapted to native soil conditions, you will have no use for fertilizers. They will grow healthily and thrive for years on the natural nutrients supplied by the soils. The toughness and high adaptability of native plants also mean pesticides will not be required. Both fertilizers and pesticides are known pollutants of the environment and their usage should be kept at the minimum. Xeriscaping will keep your environment healthy.

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