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Water Features

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The installation of water features will be a pleasant addition to your landscape. The weather in Tempe gets hot and dry during summer and it can become unbearable. Having a water feature will bring you the much-needed coolness. What's more? You can combine a swimming pool and a water feature to give you a better swimming experience. A good example of this is the installation of a fountain in your swimming pool. If you're looking to install water features on your Tempe property, our excellent landscape designers will inspect your property to find the perfect water feature for you.


Water features will help you relax by improving the air quality around your property. You can think of a water feature as an air conditioner, but one that runs on much less energy. It is a natural solution to the searing Tempe heat. For better effect, it is important that your water feature is placed on the right spot. A shaded area is an excellent spot for a water feature. The sound of flowing water will also keep out external noise. With water features, your Tempe home will become more enjoyable all year. Summertime will be more fun than ever before.

Enjoy the Goodness of Nature

Wherever there is a flow of water, you will naturally find life too. Wildlife will come to seek your water feature endlessly. This is because animals need water to survive and they won't be able to resist the fresh water that will be provided by your water feature. All kinds of birds, the beautiful and the melodious, will come. Other animals like rabbits, squirrels, and butterflies will be constant visitors too. In addition to your stylish water feature, the beauty of nature will also be on display on your property. Along with the plants around, these creatures will create a beautiful harmony.

Aesthetic Value

People are attracted to beauty by nature and the installation of a water feature is an excellent way to make your property more visually pleasing. A well-lit water feature will easily be the most attractive feature of any home or property. With the services of expert landscape designers from Lush Landscapes, you will be able to design your water feature in your own unique way. Your friends and family will feel and appreciate your style. A property with a water feature will capture the eyes of prospective buyers and it will fetch a good price too.

They always fit in

Unlike swimming pools, water features do not require a whole lot of space. In fact, they take up very little space, and hence, they will fit in anywhere. This means that the size of your yard should not deter you from installing a water feature. Our landscape designers have the experience to find the perfect place for a water feature in your yard. They can be placed both indoors and outdoors. Water features can be used to enliven dormant spaces in your yard. We will help you get more value from less space.

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