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Landscape Maintenance

man planting for great landscaping

After installing your desired landscape design, the next step will be to enjoy and maintain your investment. The state of your yard is the first impression you will make on people and we believe you don't want people to think of you as shabby or careless. The various materials around your landscape are top quality and they should be properly maintained to bring the best out of them. At Lush Landscapes, we are specialized in the delivery of quality landscape maintenance services. We are easily the foremost landscape maintenance company in Tempe, Arizona.

Save Time

Keeping your landscape in good condition is a day to day task and it requires a lot of dedication and attention. Doing it yourself can be a burden as you have your own job and routines. This is why you will need the services of a landscape maintenance company like us. For a little fee, we will lift the burden of your landscape's maintenance off your shoulders. We will work out a maintenance routine that will fit your schedule for added convenience. After each hectic day at work, you will always return home to find your landscape in excellent condition.


The various pieces of equipment meant for landscape maintenance are professional tools. Without them, it will be very difficult to get the desired results from the maintenance of your landscape. You might even damage something or hurt yourself in the process. These pieces of equipment are expensive and they also require a reasonable level of experience to be used properly. There is also an issue of equipment maintenance. So, it won't be the best idea for you to invest so much money on these pieces of equipment. At Lush Landscapes, we will serve you with the best equipment available for lawn maintenance.

Environmental Health

Your trees and plants are key to the health of the environment. Trees and plants can become sick just like humans and the earlier the infections are detected, the better. Our employees have a deep knowledge of the health of trees and this gives them the ability to spot infections early. Once an infection is detected in a plant, we will proceed to cut the infected part off it. Meanwhile, in a situation whereby the infection has spread too far, we will remove the plant from your garden. This way, we will be stopping the spread of plant diseases on your property.

Curb Appeal

Our employees have the experience and skill to boost the curb appeal in a number of ways. First, the active maintenance of your landscape will keep it clean and tidy. It may seem basic but these are the first things guests and passers-by will look out for when they approach your yard. We will also help you bring more out of your garden. We have the skill to design your garden in various eye-catching ways. Finally, it will be difficult for untrained hands to keep a garden beautiful and colorful throughout the year. With us, your landscape will remain beautiful regardless of the season.

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