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Landscape Lighting

outdoor lights for landscaping

Why invest so much in designing your landscape if you're not going to light it up? Landscape lighting also referred to as outdoor lighting is the application of artificial lighting in order to illuminate an outdoor area. It provides property owners with excellent nightlife experience. Landscape lighting will put the best features of your landscape on display while also increasing its usability. Landscape lighting provides a lot of benefits for both residential and commercial properties. In simple words, your landscape design is incomplete without landscape lighting. By installing outdoor lighting materials, we will completely transform your landscape.

Light up your landscape

It should never be too late to be out in your yard. With landscape lighting, you can always spend time with your family and friends under the calmness of the night sky. Everyone agrees that parties are much more fun outside. You will discover a new way to cook and dine with your loved ones. Guests will fall in love with the ambiance of your yard. Also, there is nothing more romantic than watching the stars with that special person. Landscape lighting will have your yard looking just like a movie scene. Your kids and pets will love it too. Let Lush Landscapes illuminate your world.


One of the things that keep people out of the yard at night is the issue of safety. There is a high risk of accidents when you have people walking around in your yard at night. By having landscape lighting installed by Lush Landscapes, you will be making your yard much safer. We will install lightings to illuminate the various features of your landscape. We will light up walkways, stairs, paths, and driveways to ensure people can navigate through the yard more safely. Pools will also be much safer with lighting. Ever tried swimming at night? It is wonderful.


Landscape lighting will boost the security around your yard. Everyone knows burglars prefer to act under the cover of the dark. Security lighting will keep burglars away as they know better than robbing a well lit home. You will always have a clear view of your yard and the lights will make it much easier to spot movements. We can help you create an advanced security system by installing security lights with motion sensors. They will only come on when triggered by movements and this makes them more economical. Dangerous animals will be kept away from your property too.

Highlight Landscape Features

The various features of your landscape are very precious and they should be allowed to shine always. We will highlight the features of your landscape and make them irresistible. There are various lighting techniques that can be applied to deliver the desired lighting effect. Lights will illuminate paths to guide your guests around your property. Patios and other entertainment features will be more comfortable and usable at night. Water features like fountains, tubs, and waterfalls will appear enchanting with landscape lighting. When lights are placed around trees and flowerbeds, the results are always magical.

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