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stone path walks in the garden

Hardscape is the nonliving aspect of landscape design. It provides structure and organization to the natural features of landscape design. Hardscape features include stone walls and paths. The main materials used in hardscaping include concrete, wood, stone, metal, brick, boulders, and gravel. The various elements of landscaping include driveways, walkways, water features, fire pits, ponds, outdoor kitchens, fences, retaining walls, and decks. Hardscaping makes the natural features of your landscape more usable and accessible. It will bring balance to your property. Hardscape installation requires a high level of expertise and no landscaping company in Tempe offers more expertise than Lush Landscapes.

Low Maintenance

With hardscaping, your yard will require very little maintenance. Hardscapes are very durable and once they are installed, they will serve you for years. Since you will be having less lawn, you will no longer have the need to go through routine mowing, trimming, pruning, watering, and weeding. Gone will be your days of worrying about plant health and growth. Hardscape maintenance requires very little skill compared to lawn maintenance. To keep your landscape elements clean, you will only have to sweep or wash them occasionally. You will get to enjoy your yard more with reduced stress.


A serious landscape problem faced by homeowners is erosion, especially those with sloping landscapes. Landscaping tends to wear away with time under the influence of running water, wind, and human activities. Running water remains the most notorious cause of erosion. One of the best ways of combating soil erosion is the installation of hardscapes. Carefully constructed retaining walls are excellent for the prevention of soil erosion. They keep the soil intact and redirect the flow of water away from your property. Another means by which you can prevent soil erosion is the use of a natural barrier like rip rap.


Hardscaping will help you bring your landscape together. By creating paths, you will be able to link several sections of your landscape to one another. Guests will be able to move around with more freedom while staying off your expensive lawn. By using footpaths to direct traffic, you decide where your guest can go and where they can't. Expertly designed hardscapes will give your property added dimension and depth. The different layers, edges, and textures will give more expression to your yard, unlike a flat yard which is less interesting.


Hardscaping is a sustainable landscape design. It is a water-efficient approach to landscaping. To sustain a lawn, a lot of water will have to be used daily to water the plants. Meanwhile, with landscaping, you will be going water-free. This will help you save money on utility bills. Also since hardscapes are easier to maintain, you will get to save more money. First, you will no longer have a need for lawn maintenance equipment such as a lawnmower. The necessary pieces of lawn equipment are costly and will require some maintenance themselves. Finally, you will no longer require the services of an arborist to keep plants healthy.

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