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About Our Team

man with his rake for his garden

Lush Landscapes is a company located in Tempe, Arizona. Years ago, we started our company with the aim to transform landscape design in Tempe. We discovered that a lot of people in the city had abandoned their yards due to the difficulty of constructing and maintaining a healthy landscape. This is due to the harsh climate in Tempe coupled with the strict laws on water conservation. For this reason, we set out on a mission to bring the best landscaping solutions to homes and businesses in Tempe. Fast forward to the present, we have a long list of happy clients that have benefited from our work on work on landscape design. We have been successful at revitalizing landscape design in Tempe, Arizona.

We are the best choice for you if you're looking to transform or maintain your landscape. We offer excellent landscape services that are unmatched anywhere in the city. With us, you will be getting serviced by people who are passionate about indigenous plants and wildlife. You will have the beauty of Tempe all around you. We hope to continue our mission of bringing the best of landscape design to the city and we continue to develop new methods to achieve this goal. By hiring us, you will not only be getting the best of landscape services, but you will also be moving us closer to our vision of a beautiful and gracious Tempe. We love this city as much as you do and a win for us is a win for Tempe.

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